Latest projects

– Started contruction on “Exalto Studios” in Haarlem (May 2016)

– Producing “Mycah” (February – May 2016)

– Mixing for Michel van der Aa’s latest opera “Blank Out” (March 2016)

– Starting album pre-production on “Mycah” (February 2016)

– Recording track for the theatre show “LOUIS!” with Wiboud Burkens (January 2016)

– Recording Daniël Lohues with mobile studio (November 2015)

– Recording with Denise van Donselaar (September, October 2015)

– Recording Stevie Ann with Daniel Lohues on location (July 2015)

– Mixing Bram Stadhouders’ “Cantata” (June 2015)

– Mixing Michel van der Aa’s “Book of Sand” (May 2015)

– Tracking Kate Miller-Heidke for Michel van der Aa’s latest work: “Book of Sand” (March 2015)

– Mixing “Hoffman” (February 2015)

– Mixing Nikitov (January 2015)

– Recording vocals and strings with “Hoffman”

– Finished mixing Herman Finkers’ new album (December 2014)

– Recording “Snow Fox”, for TV show “Over Mijn Lijk” with Ivo Bernard (December 2014)

– Recording “Niki Jacobs’ “Nikitov” at Studio Het Gemengd Bedrijf (December 2014)

– Recording Herman Finkers (ft. Daniël Lohues) at Studio Helmbreker, Haarlem (October 2014)

– Recording Francesca Tandoi at Powersound Studio, Amsterdam (October 2014)

– Mixing Veldhuis & Kemper, Wisseloord Studio’s (October 2014)

– Recording Veldhuis & Kemper’s 6th studio album (August/September 2014)

– Tracking “Jill Helena” at Studio Het Gemengd Bedrijf (June 2014)

– Recording Herman Finkers (ft. Daniël Lohues) at Studio 150, Amsterdam (May 2014)

– Daniël Lohues’ latest album, “D”, hits #1 in Dutch album charts (March 2014)

– Recording Francesca Tandoi at Powersound Studio, Amsterdam (February 2014)

– Ivo Bernard’s album “Memory Man” finished (February 2014)

– Finished mixing Veldhuis & Kemper’s “Onder de Douche” for DVD (January 2014)

– Mixing Daniël Lohues’ new album “D” (December (2013)

– Recording Daniël Lohues’ at Studio 150, Amsterdam and ICP Studios, Brussels (November 2013)

– Recording and mixing “Klavan Gadjé” at Studio Zeezicht (November/December 2013)

– Recording with Guus Meeuwis at Soundworkx Studio (August 2013)

Bart Wagemakers

Bart Wagemakers

With a reputation for sonic excellence and “capturing the vibe”, Bart Wagemakers is regarded by many to be one of the leading Dutch producer/engineers in the business today.

In 1993, when analogue tape reels were standard, Bart Wagemakers first set foot in Studio Zeezicht, one of Holland’s most inspirational studio’s with a history steeped in rock ‘n roll. He has worked there for many years. In addition he has worked at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, ICP Studios in Brussels, Studio 150, PowerSound Studios in Amsterdam, Studio Arnold Mühren in Volendam and Jan Kisjes Studio in Dalfsen.

During this time he has contributed to countless albums by many well-known artists, including Daniël Lohues, Candy Dulfer, Loïs Lane, Acda & de Munnik, Danny Vera, Arthur Umbgrove, Guus Meeuwis, Dennis, Veldhuis & Kemper, Fabiana Dammers, Abel, Hallo Venray, Rowwen Hèze, Black Eyed Peas, Hoffman, Herman van Veen, Kirsten, The Dollybirds, Eagles of Death Metal, August ’75, Joan Armatrading, Xander de Buisonjé, Skik, Herman Finkers, Snoop Dogg, Klavan Gadjé, Rob de Nijs, De Dijk, The Dutch Eagles, Queens of the Stone Age, Bløf, New Cool Collective, Bernard Gepken, Michel van der Aa, Yori Swart, Giovanca Ostiana, Ivo Bernard and Hoffman.

He uses a variety of carefully hand-picked modern and vintage analogue recording gear, including famous microphones, compressors equalizers and effect units.


Bart Wagemakers provides a variety of complete music production solutions for individual songs, full albums or streaming media. Production includes pre-production, arranging, vocal coaching, tracking, mixing and mastering (optional).




With 20+ years of experience in famous recording studios and a wide variety of vintage and modern recording equipment, you’ll get the best sonic quality for your instrument or voice committed to tape.

Tracking can either be done in a regular recording studio or, with a powerful mobile recording setup, in any great sounding room.



To obtain that warm analogue sound that will stand out on the radio, mixing is done either on an analogue desk or with a hybrid “in the box” setup with analogue summing and processing.